What does Aviation mean?

Generally aviation means a country owned or borrowed air crafts for their military or transportation purpose.A country generally buy their air crafts for their different purpose such as :for protecting their sovereignty,for traveling,for their citizens,for importing different types of goods from other countries.


The whole system for controlling different air crafts is called aviation.Different terms are used in the aviation system such as accelerometer,  aeroblastic, aerobatics, aeronotics etc. These terms are the unique features of the aviation.IN case of military purpose aviation has also some unique features.in case of military different types of air crafts are used.

Some name of that kind of aircraft are light bomber,medium bomber,heavy bomber,unified bomber sequence,target control,unified sequence etc.

These air crafts are used for penetrating the air to ground target,air to air target.

In every kind of aviation system there is a ground base.these ground base is used for communicating from ground to air and passing the command to the air crafts.it also monitors the current situation of the air crafts.

In the ground base there also remains some anti air crafts vehicle for destroying the intruder air crafts.now we come to the normal transportation air crafts.in case of normal transportation air crafts generally two types of air crafts are used such as,cargo air crafts and passenger air craft.

In the passenger air craft generally passengers board on with their necessary goods .

The goods which have to transported within a very short period of time from the one country to the other country, or within the territory of the same country are transported by the cargo planes.There are some private air crafts which are used for the private purpose.

The rich man generally buy this kind of air crafts. So ,The whole system for the maintenance of these air crafts comprises of the man power, equipments, air crafts is called aviation.

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