Can you fly when pregnant (first trimester)?


Among the many questions that surround pregnancy such as nutrition, exercise and strenuous activity, one of the most frequently asked question is regarding air travel, especially during the first trimester. The debate whether you should fly when pregnant first trimester is long and arduous, but we’re here to help.


To be able to answer this question sufficiently, one has to first know exactly what happens during that stage. It is a crucial period of fetal life, when the organs are starting to form and development begins. This time requires a lot of care. Symptoms of pregnancy are many times more severe during this time. Women experience morning sickness, swollen feet and frequent need to urinate among others. The severity symptoms may determine whether you can fly during your first trimester.

With most doctors, there is no real problem for women who want to fly during the first trimester. However, flying in the third trimester is not recommended as it could induce labor. If there have been health issues or miscarriages, doctors advise against travelling throughout the duration of pregnancy.

Factors such as motion related sickness, uncomfortable tight seats and high cabin pressure may also sway expecting women to opt out of flying. The last factor may not be noticed by others, but due to the increased blood pressure and faster heart rate, women who are pregnant may be affected and require medical assistance which at many times is unlikely to be available.

Despite all the above factors, women can easily fly during the first 12 months of pregnancy. As long as there is no stress or nervousness and as long as she is healthy, there is no direct risk.

However, to make the journey safer, you need to do the following things:

1- Prepare well before leaving – before booking a seat, get professional medical advice. Some airlines may also require a doctor’s notice before you can travel.

2- Always play safe – keep all your medicines handy and get a checkup a few days before your journey. Also enquire with the airline regarding their policies regarding women and incase of unexpected emergencies.

3- Be as comfortable as possible – once boarded, remain as relaxed as possible. Those who experience morning sickness should have sick bags. Have a pillow and a blanket just in case it gets cold. To keep your blood circulation flowing, wiggle your fingers and toes. Snacks are also important especially for those cravings. Your clothing should be comfortable including shoes.

For those who worry about the effects of the scanners that you go through before boarding the flight, be rest assured that these scanners do not cause any harm to the fetus. Once inside the plane, the only problem you could face is the Oxygen levels, but thanks to modern technological advances, the plane keeps control of these levels.


All things taken into account, it is better to avoid flying in the first trimester. If it is necessary then the journeys should be kept to a minimum. During travel avoid destinations that require immunization as these may harm your baby.

No matter how many times you may have travelled during your first trimester, always visit a doctor for a check-up before travelling.

Do I Need Flight Socks?

Have another long flight? Those long hours of sitting can cause a lot of fatigue and stress to your body. Have you ever had swollen ankles, feet or thighs? Traveling is fun and enjoyable, but if you’re not careful, it can take a really big toll on your body. The longer the journey time the higher the possibilities of getting blood clots in your legs and other bad things, though don’t fret. We’ll help you answer the question; do I need flight socks?

The primary solution to the problem of blood clots in your legs is flight socks. These socks can help increase circulation and decrease the possibility of worse or swelling deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and clotting from sitting for so many hours on very long flight.

Are you at risk of DVT? The chances are, no. But, here is a checklist of items that may increase your risk of DVT on long running flights:

  • History of DVT or pulmonary embolism
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart disorder
  • Thrombophilia (Inherited tendency to clot)
  • Recent pelvic area or thighs operation
  • Obesity
  • Maternity
  • Hormonal replacement treatment

How do flight socks work?

They offer you a secure, easy and affordable method to maintain blood from stagnating. There are many companies out there, such as VIM & VIGR and Rejuva that are creating trendy, designer wear for men and women. Even though these socks look as cool and cute as they may be, you cannot possible enjoy wearing them all the time. My advise is to bring a pair of comfortable and fashionable socks and once you start traveling.. switch!

Putting flight socks on

You do need a some practice when it comes to putting on flight socks. Its best to practice this before getting on a plane to avoid looking like you’re fighting with yourself on the plane. Either that or people will mistakenly believe that you have some kind of mental illness. The best way to get them on is to roll them inside out. Place your toes into the center of the sock bun and roll the remainder of the sock on your leg and ankle.
Make sure you have the proper size as an incorrect size will feel painful or tight. If it hurts this can cause more damage than any good. Flight socks should feel nice and snug and not painful in any way.
In a worst case scenario, this may create a situation where the blood circulation gets so slow that blood clots can occur in your thighs. Flight team members stop swelling of the legs and wear shorts or pantyhose around the plane, which is hosiery.

In our world travel on flights can be taxing for individuals and much more. This potentially life threatening condition is also called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and notably for aviation it’s been given the interested expression “economy class syndrome” though it may influence individuals anywhere on a airplane.
Other and pilots people personnel are extremely conscious of the health dangers related to extended hours of sitting immobile or flying while standing.

Though a long distance flight at the quarters of an airplane can’t only be boring but physically, it can be quite enduring. The leg muscles which help in pushing back the blood into the heart become dormant in hours of sitting, causing the blood flow through your system to slow down.


So if you’re planning on taking any long trips any time soon, go through the checklist and use your best judgement. Flight socks can help you prevent a lot of problems while taking a long trip so wear them if you need to.

Does Fly Spray Kill Spiders?

Have a spider problem around the house? Need a quick and easy way to kill the occasional spider? Everyone usually has some sort of common fly or insect spray laying around their house, but the question is, does fly spray kill spiders?


I think you will be happy to know in short, yes, it will kill the spiders.


It just it takes a little longer and more spray than it would take to kill flies or other smaller insects. Below you will learn how the fly spray works.
Fly sprays kill flies and spiders in several different ways.

The most common way is by using organophosphates. This insecticide is a nerve agent that blocks the action of acetylcholinesterase which causes the insect to remain in a constant state of contraction which makes the insect unable to breathe or move/fly. Eventually, this causes the insect to die of suffocation.

When killing a spider this way, you will just need to spray it directly at the spider and the area around it. It will take more than flies due to the spider being bigger and somewhat more resistant, but the insecticide will start to work shortly after spraying it. There are other types of insecticides used in different fly sprays, they all use different nerve chemicals that achieve the same result as organophosphates, just in a slightly different way.

Safety First

It is important to keep the spray from young children and pets. It is dangerous to them because the same chemicals used to kill the insects will harm humans and pets. So it is always a good idea to keep the spray locked away and do not spray in areas where children or pets will be.
Before you kill spiders around your house, here’s some information that may change your mind.

Did you know that spiders help control the majority of the insect population around your house? In fact, if it wasn’t for spiders your house will likely be overrun by other insects causing you to have to use other methods of pest control more often. If left alone, spiders are effective pest control.

Also, did you know that only 1/10 of 1% of spiders are actually harmful to humans? Spiders actually help to control other spiders. Non-Venomous spiders actually kill most types of venomous spiders around your house. So it might actually be a good idea to see what type of spider it is before spraying it. If it’s non-venomous, it is best just to relocate it to somewhere safe around the house.


Our recommendation

Now that you have learned a little bit about how fly spray will kill spiders and some information on how beneficial spiders actually are, let’s talk about which fly spray is best to use for killing spiders.

One of the best sprays on the market today with top reviews is the Ortho Home Defense Max. This will kill almost any insect you will encounter around your house. It will also create a barrier to keep the insects out for up to 12 months. Making it one of the best value sprays to get.
I hope this information about how fly sprays and its ability to kill spiders was useful for you.

Have a good day!

What are aviator goggles?

Aviator goggles arrived on the scene back in the 1930s when they were used by Pilots.


They became part of the fashion world when they were seen in many movies and used by top movie stars. Tom Cruise is noted for movies like Top Gun, could have been said to have started the aviator goggles fashion trend when he wore the googles. Many others came to follow.
Classic aviator goggles have a dark metal frame and silver reflective lenses. There are many more modern versions and also feature modern brands like Rayban and Gucci, coming out with there own fashion models. There is now an array of different shapes and modern colors.

The Fashion Names Join In


Many high fashion names now carry a selection of aviator goggles, such as Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Ray Ban, Versace, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and others. Dolce & Gabanna even came out with women’s metal aviator in 2005. There are also replica versions available for those with a lower budget.

Some newer versions have come out with different styles which includes newer red gradient lenses and even kids aviator models. This means that sons can look just like their dads! Companies that sell Aviator Goggles

Extreme Eyewear – they feature fantastic goggles for the affluent lifestyle and the most high quality designer shades from some of the biggest names in the world of eyewear.

They are seen as being the leading online retailer of modern aviator goggles and include many different brands of the aviators, including Ray Ban, American Optical, and the original aviator goggles.

The Frames Direct Company – This is an option if you are looking for the cheap aviator version. They provide over 200,000 frames at a lower cost that the brand name versions. A global leader in online eyeglasses, goggles, eyewear, contact lenses, and goggles, they have a staff of licensed and experienced optometrists who can help you out to make sure you get the right model. This might be helpful if you need a prescription version to use instead of your standard glasses.

Aviator goggles are truly timeless. They are modern and will always be in style in one age group or another. While stars like Tom Cruise and others use them in movies, making them popular, they will always be around as the go easily with any form of dress. Just like any other set of goggles they just need to suite your face. With the many different version available this is an easy task.

What does Aviation mean?

Generally aviation means a country owned or borrowed air crafts for their military or transportation purpose.A country generally buy their air crafts for their different purpose such as :for protecting their sovereignty,for traveling,for their citizens,for importing different types of goods from other countries.


The whole system for controlling different air crafts is called aviation.Different terms are used in the aviation system such as accelerometer, aeroblastic,aerobatics,aeronotics etc.These terms are the unique features of the aviation.IN case of military purpose aviation has also some unique case of military different types of air crafts are used.some name of that kind of aircraft are light bomber,medium bomber,heavy bomber,unified bomber sequence,target control,unified sequence etc.

These air crafts are used for penetrating the air to ground target,air to air target.In every kind of aviation system there is a ground base.these ground base is used for communicating from ground to air and passing the command to the air also monitors the current situation of the air crafts.In the ground base there also remains some anti air crafts vehicle for destroying the intruder air we come to the normal transportation air case of normal transportation air crafts generally two types of air crafts are used such as,cargo air crafts and passenger air craft.In the passenger air craft generally passengers board on with their necessary goods .

The goods which have to transported within a very short period of time from the one country to the other country,or within the territory of the same country are transported by the cargo planes.There are some private air crafts which are used for the private purpose.

The rich man generally buy this kind of air crafts. So ,The whole system for the maintenance of these air crafts comprises of the man power,equipments, air crafts is called aviation.